UKIP AM's racial slurs about MP Chuka Amunna

Discussion in 'UK Politics' started by Mel O'Drama, Jul 22, 2017.

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    Vile. But to be expected, sadly.

    And here's an audio of the phone call in question.

    She's foul-mouthed as well as racist. Right before saying the comment in question, her words were "I don't take this lightly...", suggesting that she had given thought to and carefully chosen her hurtful words.

    And here's an article covering her response to the phone call being exposed:

    It's perhaps the most half-hearted apology I've read, full of self-righteous justification. She doesn't apologise for using the words, but because people were offended - a variation on the passive-aggressive "I'm sorry you're upset".

    The most telling of her justifications is this one:

    It (unwittingly) leaves no doubt about the culture of racism prevalent among UKIP members.

    No friend of mine would find that kind of language acceptable in any context.

    Such ignorance.
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    UKIP is fundamentally a racist party stuffed full of racists who have put on a cloak of respectability to gain votes. From time to time they slip up, like on this occasion, and we get to see what a hateful lot they really are.
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