Vicki after her grandmother's passing.

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    After Jacqueline was killed maybe Vicki should have become a businesswoman, like her grandmother instead of moving away to New York until season 6. Vicki didn't get much storylines other than the love type and I liked Mario as her boyfriend but what about the businesswoman idea?
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    This would have been an interesting idea and Jamie Rose could've done it. When storylines were handed out Vicki wasn't high up in the queue. In the opening season Maggie and Chase's daughter was considering a move to France, to live with her grandmother Jacqueline. I'm glad this didn't happen. If Jacqueline had been around more in the valley she probably would have encouraged her favourite grandchild to do something more middle or upper class, other than being a grape picker. At that time the attraction for Vicki was more Mario (the boy next door) than a future harvest.

    However I could have envisaged her opening a dance school in San Francisco, similar to FAME. Since she was a terrific dancer. Ironically Jamie Rose has since written books about dancing. 'TPTB' in 1983 - '84 deemed there was no more mileage in Vicki. I disagree. With an extra dose of creativity the curly red haired / green eyed vintner's daughter was prime material, to be a younger Jacqueline and a dancing mogul to rule the world.

    Chase is working on Falcon Crest paperwork. He looks up and sees Vicki with her suitcases packed; at the bottom of the stairs, in the Gioberti castle, (a scene from season 2, 1982 - '83):

    Chase: "Do you mind telling me where you're going?"

    Vicki: "Please don't make this anymore difficult than it already is."

    Chase: "Ah, you're moving in with Nick Hogan."

    (Nick who is Chase's Board Of Supervisors' colleague has been dating Vicki, alas there is a twist. He is 20 - 25 years older than her).

    Vicki: "I thought it over and I decided you've been right all along. I needed to make a commitment."

    Chase: "Running away from home wasn't exactly what I had in mind."

    Vicki: "I'm not running anywhere. I'm making a choice. A choice to be with Nick."

    Chase: "Who's idea was this, his or yours?"

    Vicki: "Mostly mine!"

    Chase: "Damn it Vicki, can't you see the mistake you're making?"

    Vicki: "Dad I'm not a child anymore. I've grown up and I want to live my life my way and all I'm asking is that you'll let me do it!"

    Chase gives her his reluctant approval and says, "Vicki I'll be here if you need me."

    Vicki all tearful replies, "I know. I love you daddy!"

    Chase looking sad: "Love you too Vicki."
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    It was a shame that Vicki was so underused. Jamie Rose should have came back for the sixth year, irrespective of the circumstances at the start of the show's 3rd year. Dana Sparks was way too different.
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    Oh yeah. And maybe we would´ve also seen Vickie becoming a neo-nazi and baby trader too. Jacqueline´s influence was not to be underestimated...

    Now seriously, I did like Vickie and Jamie Rose in the first season, but they turned her into a taller, redheaded Lucy Ewing afterwards. It was 1982 and all they gave to a young woman was an affair with a married man. Come on, she was Maggie Gioberti´s daughter, but Vickie wasn´t even a rebel without a cause. She had no real ambitions...until she went under plastic surgery and began to look like Dana Sparks. Then she became an "ad hoc" young vixen, and she always reminded me (character and "talent" of the actress) of "Dynasty"´s Catherine Oxenberg, minus the royal pedigree. And 99,99 % of Dana´s dialogues were totally out-of-character for OR Vicki.

    If I had been the showrunner, she would´ve never left and I would have made her develop a truly strong personality and kick ass with the other women, especially Melissa and Auntie Terry (who she actually never met onscreen). "Falcon Crest" had two big families unlike "Dallas" or "Dynasty" in their golden years. That was a huge wasted opportunity for the writers to make the show stronger and deeper plot-wise in those 3 last years that eventually became a horrid memory for most of us.
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