VIDEO: Dubios Friends of Donald Trump

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    On Wednesday night, Dutch TV station ZEMBLA premiered the first episode of their explosive new investigative series "The Dubious Friends of Donald Trump" titled "The Russians", this week focusing on the crooked president's Russian mob ties.


    The episode does a great job putting together a lot of disgusting information that has come to light in recent weeks/months (some of which I've spoken about in other threads) mentioning all of the nefarious characters in the Trump universe, uncovering the filthy Bayswater company and its failed Soho Trump Tower project, and even manages to track down the evasive Felix Satter in the concluding moments of the episode - that's the name whose mention made Trump abruptly cut off a 2013 BBC interview (also included in this program) and lie in a deposition that he barely knew him. Also expect to see the suddenly quiet Rudy Giuliani (currently being investigated by the FBI).

    As an IC-insider put it, Trump Org. is basically a Russian mob cash laundering vehicle with a real estate side gig and this program underlines the Russian approach to recruiting useful fools across the world to further their agenda:

    - find a businessman with slippery business practices
    - make sure he also has political ties which could be useful in a political campaign
    - bribe him or blackmail him (or both)

    The full first episode (with English voiceover) is available on the station's official site at the link above, with more episodes on the way.

    LOL, I've already seen the predictable conservatives responding with "But Hillary... But uranium..."
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