Was Victoria Principal right to speak out

Discussion in 'Dallas TNT' started by Pamela_E, Aug 14, 2019.

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    The movie wasn’t wasted - it was control of JR, something not even Wendell managed. She didn’t destroy him, she reigned him in. That’s not just strength of character but also intelligence. The art of war teaches you to master the environment around you. When strong appear weak. When weak appear strong. True war is won before the battle even begins. You must know yourself and your enemy. And contrary to Jock’s advise real power is give never taken. If I give you power over me you have real power. If you take it, it’s only a matter of time until it’s taken. The thing is Jock never gave Bobby power. And JR wasn’t going to give Sue Ellen power so an intelligent woman would collect it else where. A woman like Sue Ellen could surround herself with the specific intellect to invest, develop businesses, do her taxes, set up trusts and foundations. 20 years later she could have surrounded herself by an by an army and her intellect would be to manage them, not to be a subject matter expert in any of the fields to which her generals are experts. She needed to know her generals and their strengths ave weaknesses. The powerful hire (or control) the people who run the world. They don’t do it themselves. All that is within the grasp of her character 20 years later, IMO.
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    kept silent and which actress?

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