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    Heck, he said he'd have to call Olivia from the car to tell her the news. Can you imagine how well she took that?

    A thought about Kiki vs. Dr. Bensch: while it may seem really convenient/clever to have Scotty representing Bensch will likely be the downfall of the case--but not in the way we want. It's no secret in PC that Ava and Scotty are pals; if Bensch were to learn this, he could convince the judge his lawyer threw the case in Kiki's favor, having Scotty disbarred and likely having any guilty verdict vacated. Even worse, it would mean the case could not be tried again due to double jeopardy, allowing him to get off scot-free. He might already know it, and hired Scotty on purpose just so he can have leverage to get the verdict tossed if needed.

    Of course he would then turn up dead within hours, and half the hospital on the suspect I guess there's that.
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    I find it hard to invest in the Dr. Bensch story, considering he spent so many months just kind of loitering around the hospital with no storyline to speak of. With the way these things go, Griffin would end up being the one who did him in. :re:
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