What small scene do you remember vividly from Dallas?

Discussion in 'Dallas - The Original Series' started by Lastkidpicked, Mar 5, 2019.

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    This one? Sue Ellen refers to Winger being in more trashy movies. But yes it's in line with her movie and she's talking to Bruce Harvey. The pink is amazing.
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    I remember how Sue Ellen would get when the subject of Mandy Winger came up. Sue Ellen felt completely intimidated by Mandy who told Sue Ellen right to her face: "I'm years younger than you, prettier..." and Sue Ellen was badly shaken by it. Mandy's words weren't just opinion; they were fact as well.

    I remember this: Sue Ellen hired Nicholas Pearce to tell her what to do to build Valentine Lingerie and one of the very first things he said to her after reading Valentine Lingerie's financial reports was "By reading those I can see that you were very lucky to have met Mandy Winger." Then Bruce Harvey told her that men who were in the business Valentine was in long enough were jaded by seeing so many beautiful women half dressed. Being jaded to the point that seeing beautiful women in lingerie got no reaction from them anymore except in the case of Mandy Winger. After all those years in that business, Mr. Valentine still had what Harvey described as "a buzz-on" for Mandy Winger." Harvey continued: "That's a very rare commodity."

    No matter where she went, no matter who she talked to, nobody had anything but good things to say about Mandy Winger and it drove Sue Ellen crazy!
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