Dallas Character What The Hell Was Clayton Thinking?

Discussion in 'Dallas - The Original Series' started by Kenny Coyote, May 25, 2017.

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    Sue Ellen, when she first left JR, went to The Southern Cross to live and was further developing her relationship with Dusty.. It seemed they might get married. Dusty was impotent at the time but Sue Ellen said she could still have a very happy marriage with Dusty so apparently sex wasn't a priority to her. WE all remember why Sue Ellen finally left Dusty though and right after that, Clayton started coming over to her townhouse quite often. Sue Ellen looked at Clayton as the father she never had, but Clayton discovered he wanted a love relationship with her and even bought her an engagement ring. Before he could give it to her, she told him she and JR were remarrying. I can't believe Clayton was actually going to propose to Sue Ellen!

    Can you imagine what it would have done to the Farlow family, specifically the relationship between Clayton and Dusty if he had proposed to Sue Ellen? Imagine how awkward Clayton and Dusty's relationship would have become! Picture Dusty finding out for the first time that his father is having a sexual relationship with the only woman Dusty ever truly loved (according to Dusty's own words). "Boy do I have a surprise for you son! My relationship with Sue Ellen has progressed quite nicely. Apparently I can do for Sue Ellen what you no longer can. Aren't you glad at least one of the Farlow men is making Sue Ellen's life fulfilled? I know you used to call her "honey" but after the marriage you can call her "Mom"! Not quite something you ever expected to happen, huh? Well, I really have to thank you, son. When you brought Sue Ellen here to live you started something that is making me happier than I've been since Amy was alive"!

    The Farlow famlly, by adding Sue Ellen to the family not as Dusty's wife but as Clayton's wife, would have been dysfunctional to the point of being perverse!
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    Yes I totally agree

    But that would be a sure fire hit storyline now!!!
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    I really don't think that Dusty would have cared if Clayton had married Sue Ellen. He moved on from her, and his true love was the rodeos. And because of that, he was barely even home. But I do think that Clayton's proposal was stupid. He and Sue Ellen were NOT in a romantic relationship, and she never even expressed that kind of interest in him, so how he ever believed that she would want to marry him is beyond me. It was just another stupid move on the writers' part to try to make Sue Ellen (and this was also done a lot with Pam as well) into a perfect little Mary Sue character that the men in the show would do anything to be with, even going so far as making them have Disney movie based reactions to her by immediately falling in love with her after just looking at her just once. Granted, Clayton didn't go so far as the "love at first sight" reaction with Sue Ellen, but it was still rather pitiful.
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