What was Dallas' fans reaction upon hearing of the TNT show?

Discussion in 'Dallas TNT' started by Michael Torrance, Apr 22, 2019.

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    I don't even remember. It's had to have been over a decade though.
    I was excited until I heard the reunion movies were going to be ignored. A bad omen.
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    It's hard to remember exactly how I felt when I heard about it but I do remember being excited about it and looking forward to it with a lot of hope that maybe, somehow they would be able to make a good continuation of it. If that sounds more cynical than hopeful it's because when it comes to continuations, or sequels, or trilogies, it's rare for anything to be as good as the original. These days the movie business is all about money so almost any time a movie becomes successful they do 2 or 3 more of them. How many different Star Wars movies are there now??? My God! You know, before Hollywood got so greedy and they cared more about quality and legacies and things of that nature there was no Casablanca II, there was no Gone With The Wind II, there was no Wizard Of Oz II or Citizen Kane II. They had the good sense to not tarnish the reputation and the legacy of those original masterpieces. You can't plan a phenomenon.. Making a masterpiece like one of those s kind of like catching lightning in a bottle. It's unlikely you're going to be lucky enough to duplicate the success and he quality of the original.

    Still, I love Dallas so much that I was happy to have it back even if it turned out to be only half as good as the original. Had it been half as good as the original, I would have been much happier with TNT Dallas than I ended up being! I had no idea that they would be able to find someone so inept as Cynthia Cidre and even if they did, I never thought someone so inept at making a Dallas continuation would be so adept at fooling the TNT executives into thinking she was capable of doing the job.

    I did know one thing: No matter what, it would be fun seeing Larry Hagman as JR, Patrick Duffy as Bobby and Linda Gray as Sue Ellen and it was!!! We also got to see Ken Kercheval reprise his role of Cliff Barnes and he did the best anyone could have with the script he was given, but damn it, did they ever screw up that character! Unrecognizable is the best way I can describe TNT Dallas' version of Cliff Barnes.

    One thing that was interesting is that for a while there was speculation that Victoria might return to play Pam, even f only for a couple episodes. There was a lot of discussion on the old Dallas Soapchat about that subject! I remember that people were very hopeful that there was maybe some possibility of seeing her as Pam on TNT Dallas. Eventually there was SO much talk about the possible return of Pam that Victoria Principal herself squashed the rumors, with a social media message that was surprisingly harsh, yet deservedly so considering what the people at TNT were doing to the Dallas legacy. I don't remember what she said word for word, but I do remember she said something about the fact that she was not even considering participating in a "desperate attempt" like that. I remember that phrase - "desperate attempt." I believe she disliked that Cidre seemed to be manipulating and leading on the fans by teasing a possible appearance by Victoria Principal and when Victoria got sick of seeing us being led on, that's when she made that bold statement.

    If Dallas TNT had gone by another name, called itself anything other than Dallas, I would have had at least a somewhat better opinion of it.. it certainly wasn;t the worst show I've ever seen. It certainly wasn't Dallas though. I want to end this post no positive note so I'll say that I enjoyed the storyline entitled J.R.'s Masterpiece. Cliff barnes was coming after The Ewings to try to destroy them and J.R. was ready to protect his family by any means necessary. He and his friend Bum did an amazing job of framing Cliff Barnes for the murder of J.R. Ewing. That was good television. On the surface it seems awfully harsh to have a man imprisoned for murder when in reality he was only framed for the murder but didn't do it. And it would have been except that Cliff was guilty of another murder. he killed his daughter's unborn babies by bombing the oil rig where she was at the time. It was no mistake. he was told his daughter was right near where the bomb would go off and Cliff replied: Do it.

    That's reprehensible. So he earned that prison sentence. He just ended up being labeled as guilty of a different murder than the one he actually committed. That and the storyline leading up to it: J.R's Masterpiece was probably the best part of the show.

    When it got cancelled, fans here were divided. The majority said words to the effect of: Good, let Dallas rest in peace. There was a decent sized group of people however that were very upset that it was being cancelled and were begging TNT to let Dallas stay on the air. They actually had a petition and a "Save Dallas" movement. They really did try to get Dallas to have at least one more season. Especially since the last episode ended with Christopher being the victim of a car bombing, but there was no way to be positive he died. There was some small chance he could have lived so naturally there were people who at least wanted to see that storyline resolved and understandably so.

    That's how I remember it.
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