Paper Dolls Whatever Happened To?: Don Bowron

Discussion in 'Sundry Prime Time Soaps' started by JeffUSA, May 14, 2018.

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    "Paper Dolls" was my most anticipated new show of the 1984 fall season and I wasn't disappointed (I was only 16 and prime time soaps were everything to me). The show was no comparison to "Dynasty" (my platinum standard for all-things nighttime soap), but it was entertaining and the cast was attractive. Shortly into its run, the actor/model Don Bowron (credited on IMDB as Bowren) joined the show as model Christopher York. From what I recall, he wasn't the most gifted actor but he was very easy on the eyes. "Paper Dolls" seems to be his only acting role and there is little else to find of him online other than a few model comp cards from the mid-80s. He seems to have vanished into thin air. Has anyone come across any info or photos for him later in life? Paper-Dolls-terry-farrell-33421013-344-500.jpg 4ab9c0115f7fecda0a7d7f9ee8ef78eb.jpg bowron don.png
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    One of the scenes from Paper Dolls that sticks out in my mind is him at a photoshoot, dressed in leather on a motorbike with a wind machine blowing in his face. You can draw your own conclusions as to why I found it so memorable.

    There's no trace online of what he did post-Paper Dolls. Even his modelling shots only run up to 1985. Given his good looks and limited acting abilities, he should have been a shoe in for one of the many daytime soaps on air in the 80's.

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