Which COLBYS would you bring back to DYNASTY and how?

Discussion in 'The Colbys' started by Michael Torrance, Oct 6, 2018.

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    I know eventually David Paulsen brought back Sable and later Monica, and somehow in the reunion they had Fallon with Miles again only to leave him for male-menopausal Jeff. But I found it curious that in S8 they did not bring back some of the characters created for the spin-off.
    Possibilities I see:

    Sable--Paulsen showed us all the reasons, but having her live in California nursing a Fallon who had a psychotic break after the UFO could have worked for early S8.

    Miles--because there was no hotter male on DYNASTY, and Thomson was no longer showing skin. And in the previous storyline Fallon could reconnect with him.

    Garrett Boyd: it would have given Dominique a storyline, and could have kept the pipeline plot going which was all but forgotten.

    Monica: She should have been brought on as someone Adam has a fling with and leaves pregnant, and she is determined this time to keep the baby--a much better storyline than the surrogacy and touching upon old wounds.

    Philip: He was written as too villainous too fast, but he would have been an interesting one to come and get in the mix with Alexis, and maybe help Sean's revenge, maybe chart his own plans.

    Fallon: obviously, but I would have kept her in California a bit, and since it is now taking place on DYNASTY she can finally interact with Krystle and Alexis as well. And Steven could have been more sensitive to her paranoia about kids being abducted after his experience (and grief, which we never saw) with Claudia.

    Jeff: I would be happy to leave him with his biological parents in the cancellation universe.

    So, who you would bring on board and how?

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