Who killed Cecil Colby?

Discussion in 'Dynasty 2017' started by Willie Oleson, Oct 8, 2016.

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    There you have it, the first murder mystery.

    Because he's such a vile and utterly depraved character I think this is inevitable.
    Maybe the case shouldn't be solved, but when Alexis enters Cecil's office for the first time she dismisses the staff, vice-presidents and everyone else who's hovering around her, because she needs "a moment alone".
    And after they're gone, she smiles and says to no-one "I'll take it from here".

    I like the idea of her being the unofficial culprit and that she managed to outsmart Evil Cecil.
    Because Alexis won't allow anyone to destroy Blake Carrington, oh no, that's her privilege.
    And Cecil came to close...started to undermine her plans...and then he dies, a really nasty death in a tales-of-the-unexpected sort of way. Yes, in those last seconds, he should be aware of the who and why, except that we don't see who the who is.

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