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Discussion in 'Feedback & Help Forum' started by Matthew Blaisdel, Aug 17, 2017.

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    As you might noticed ... the forum has been down and in the past all content has been lost.
    Are you willing to prevent that from happening again?
    Are you willing to donate a dollar or two per month to a possible new forum owner?
    I am. I love you all and i love sharing my thoughts with you and although i don't have much, a Dollar or two surely won't kill me.
    Who else is on board here?
    Post here if you're willing to share soapchat costs, even with a small amount like a Dollar or two, everything helps i guess.
    This is just coming from me as a user, to prevent us all from further shit like this:


    WE don't want anything like this happening anymore, let alone losing all content!
    Please add a comment if you like to support our great community!
    I'd like to see our forum and community in trustworthy hands in future, once and for all!
    And in future, if there's anything wrong, i provide my personal e-mail-adress here so we can all stay in contact (hope there will be no spam) -- werhamster@t-online.de
    That's my personal eMail, so just save that and in case something happens, we can all get together again! :)

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    Just wanted to say thank you for this lovely thoughtful thread. I'll discuss it with the mods.
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    I'd be up for that.
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