Why does Cristal love Blake?

Discussion in 'Dynasty 2017' started by RottenSkipper17, Apr 15, 2018.

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    That's something that's always baffled me. What exactly does Cristal see in Blake? Clearly she thinks the world of him and she wants him to see her as an equal, especially considering that she changed the conditions of her pre-nup just so he won't wield the issue of money over her head every time they have a massive fight. Hell, she even has established a close bond with Steven and despite of Fallon's best efforts to push her away she has also developed a close emotional attachment to her and now she's basically become her cheerleader.

    For the longest time part of me has wondered if part of the reason Blake has married Cristal is so that one day they may have a child together that will eventually become the heir apparent of Carrington Atlantic in the event anything happens to Fallon and/or Steven or if either of them relinquishes their claim to the company for any reason.

    And with all of the scummy and horrible things Blake has done and with all of the horrible things Cristal has discovered about his family, if I were her, I would divorce Blake and go back to Venezuela. I mean, seriously? I know her life prior to coming to America really sucked but is she really that desperate for a happily ever after and achieving the American dream? And if Cristal's suspicions about Blake & Alexis are correct, does she really have a chance of saving her marriage?

    Can anyone figure out why after all this time Cristal is so determined to stand by Blake even though she shouldn't?
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    Because the script says so.
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