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Discussion in 'Dallas - The Original Series' started by 'V', Jun 3, 2018.

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    I've noticed something odd during the freeze-frame at the end of Winds of Vengeance. The executive producer credit is in yellow letters but you can also see the same wording in white letters just slightly to the right of the yellow. It looks like the white caption was put on first then they've tried to cover it with the yellow one but didn't line them up properly. You can also see that the white fades out separately, while the yellow stays on until the whole picture fades to black.
    I only have the DVD to go by but does anyone know if it was always like this, or was it messed about with later? Thanks
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    So I checked my episodes i bought from iTunes and this is the episode where they changed the white lettering to yellow lettering to match the Opening credits yellow . Or is it more orange? Well there must have been a processing error as they switched from white to yellow!

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